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Did you know that YAMI is short for Yogurt Acidophilus Milk? It is named after the cultures that are present in our yogurt. There is so much goodness including YAMI® Yogurt in your daily diet. The live cultures present in YAMI® Yogurt aids digestion and helps you maintain a good complexion. Also, studies have shown that regular consumption of yogurt lowers blood cholesterol.

An excellent source of calcium which helps to build strong bones in children, teenagers, adults and the aged, YAMI® Yogurt is well-loved amongst all ages. 97% fat free and with only 27 calories per fluid ounce, YAMI® Yogurt is good for dieting and it provides one with good source of proteins mineral, vitamin D and B12!
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Take Home Pack

Waffle Cone


THP (Take Home Pack): A family-size tub to enjoy at the comfort of your homes.
Waffle Cone : Same tasty yogurt served in crunchy waffle cone.
Kids Cup: Made for kids, enjoyed even by kids at heart. Comes with 1 Regular and/or 1 Kids Toppings
How to order at the outlet?
Step 1

Choose your base
(small, medium, large, waffle cone ...)
Step 2

Choose your yogurt flavour
Step 3

Add-on your favourite topping
(sold separately per serving)
Step 4

Enjoy and have a YAMI Day!
Kids cup

Made for kids, enjoyed even by kids at heart.
Comes with your choice of 2 Regular Toppings.
The Splitz

Choose any 4 Flavours, 4 Toppings, Plus syrup in one yogurt cup
*Available at participating concept stores only.
Dream Specialties (available in cup or boat containers)
Chocolate Dreamboat

Banana Dreamboat
Strawberry Dreamboat
Caranut Dreamboat

Yogurt Smoothies

A perfect blend of our signature yogurt and fresh, natural ingredients.

Wide selection of crunches, cereals, nuts, fruits and wet toppings to complement your yogurt fix.

Super Premium
Fruits and Wets